Finding Vintage Treasure

Houston’s Favorite Source for Vintage Finds

Vintage CollectionThousands of unique items find their way onto our shelves and they are waiting for you to discover them! From vintage cameras and collectible toys, to advertising oddities and unusual antiques, we are proud of the wide range of items in our stores that make our customers smile.

But how do you find that perfect treasure? We’ve consulted our experts and here’s what they had to say.

Five Tips for Finding Vintage Treasure:

5. Know what you are looking for!

Keep a running list in mind of the things you re hunting. Are you adding to your collection of items? Is there a particular accessory you need to complete the perfect look? Having a simple list of items helps you scan the stock and pick out the vintage treasures.

4. Learn the store schedule.

Our staffers are in the loop and they are more than happy to help! Ask around and find out when each store restocks. Get the completive edge over other treasure seekers and get first dibs on the best goodies.

3. Go often as possible!

The inventory is always changing always! Don t be shy about getting on a first name basis with the girls at the front desk. Not only will you increase your odds of spotting that perfect vintage knickknack that you missed last time, but who can argue with more retail therapy ?

2. Expect the unexpected.

Having a plan is great, but don t walk away from odd or unusual items that peak your interest (especially if the price is right). If it won t break the bank, pick it up and hop online when you get home. Something that might interest you could be a find for a lifetime for someone on EBay!

1. Know the discount days!

Sand Dollar Thrift Stores always offer a great value, but did you know we have sales? YES! Check out our specials page for information on when you can save big on an incredible selection of items.

Come in today and see what vintage treasures are waiting for you — before someone else finds them!

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